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Your Connection to the RoadPro® Family of Brands

DAS is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the RoadPro® family of brands. Known to professional drivers, road warrior businesses, tradespeople and leisure travelers as a trusted travel companion, the RoadPro® family is made up of more than 3,000 branded, direct products, including mobile electronic accessories, auto accessories, and a portfolio of general travel merchandise. Our quality products are designed to enhance the convenience, safety, comfort, and leisure of your customers’ lives and help keep you competitive in even the most challenging consumer environment.

In addition, DAS provides the marketing communications that build our brands and engage consumers across multiple media channels — driving sales, loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. Through the RoadPro® family of brands, DAS brings you the profitability of a private label with the built-in audience of a consumer brand. Visit and join us on Facebook and Twitter!

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RoadKing microphones have been around since the creation of the interstate; that's over 50 years! RoadKing's rugged hand-held microphones feature dynamic noise-cancelling designs with excellent voice response characteristics. The RoadKing microphones are a staple in the trucking industry. For years the RoadKing brand has been the standard by which professional drivers swear by.


The best-selling Wilson family of antennas has a rare degree of customer loyalty. This is no doubt due in part to the customer service and technical support offered by Wilson as well as the sheer quality of their products. The innovation that made Wilson a leader in the antenna business is matched by the quality of all their products, from mounts to harnesses and more.


The American lifestyle has never been more active and mobile, and consumers are always looking for electronic accessories that can keep up. MobileSpec® empowers the mobile lifestyle with design-savvy, innovative, quality electronics and accessories that are easy to shop. With versatile, in-demand car audio and mobile phone accessories including brand-compatible chargers, noise cancelling headsets, FM transmitters, and A/C and USB power inverters, MobileSpec® helps your customers connect, listen and live on the go.


For over 30 years RoadPro® has been bringing the comforts of home to the road with general travel merchandise and auto accessories that offer convenience, safety, comfort and leisure at a great value. RoadPro® built its reputation on quality CB accessories and grew to include other essentials for professional drivers as well as RV enthusiasts, tailgaters and other leisure travelers. From 12-volt appliances to tools and hardware, luggage and bedding to lighting and lenses, RoadPro® has everything your customers need on the road.

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PowerDrive™ Inverters offers a complete line of professional grade inverters to convert a vehicle's battery power to household power, providing your customers with the rugged power that drives their lifestyle. PowerDrive™ Inverters are designed to bring all the comforts of home to the mobile lifestyle, meeting the increasing consumer demand for safe, easy-to-use products with up to three grounded AC outlets and integrated USB ports for powering and charging mobile electronic devices. Professional drivers, outdoor workers and leisure travelers alike get the power to stay mobile with PowerDrive™.



K40 Antennas and Accessories™ offer quality, time-tested CB and 10-meter radio accessories that are durable enough for the rugged lifestyle of the professional driver. Computer-designed for consistently superior performance, K40 antennas come with a 30-day money back guarantee and carry up to a 5-year warranty to ensure consumer confidence.


The fact that every Astatic microphone, cable, and antenna is tested to ensure the utmost quality is only one reason that 90% of truck drivers and other CB users have used an Astatic product. While Astatic is best known for their top-selling microphones, their 60 years of experience shows in every product they make.


The Francis name alone sells antennas, which is why it has remained one of the best-selling antennas for years. Offering caps and studs in addition to the most unique and durable antenna on the market, the future of Francis Antenna remains as bright as its 35-year past.

BlackCanyon Outfitters

BlackCanyon Outfitters™ suits the outdoor lifestyle with quality men's clothing and accessories. Whether at work or play, your customers can expect durable, comfortable, stylish products at a great value. BlackCanyon Outfitters™ is a complete clothier producing denim-wear, shirts, gloves, socks and travel bags made for the rugged lifestyle of the professional driver, outdoor worker or camping, hunting and fishing enthusiast.


No matter what the task at hand, LUMAgear brand products offer a solution for all on the go lighting needs. Whether in need of a traditional flashlight or a specialty light, LUMAgear has the perfect lighting solution for every situation; from camping, fishing, travel or as a standby for power outages and other emergencies. Being a private label brand, LUMAgear is able to offer the same high-quality products as the competition, but at a more affordable price. LUMAgear products are on the cutting edge of technology and offer powerful, long-lasting LEDs, and as an added bonus, most LUMAgear products come with the batteries right out of the package, so there is no need for additional purchases or wasted time looking for your power source.